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Disk Drill is free data recovery software for Windows
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Trying to recover your accidentally lost or deleted files is in itself a stressful enough situation to be in without the hassle of dealing with complex recovery tools and their cryptic instructions. Disk Drill is a free and clear recovery tool that will scan your internal and external drives thoroughly and quickly and will help you to bring back to life your lost data and media files.

The program offers you two scan modes – quick and deep – and various recovery methods that guarantee that even those files with damaged binary structures can be reconstructed and thus recovered. Disk Drill’s database of file signatures amounts to more than 200 file types, and is updated constantly to make sure that all your lost files have a much better chance of being recovered regardless of how hidden on your disk their meta-data are or how long ago they were deleted.

All the recoverable files found will be neatly arranged in the program’s main interface. Here you can filter the results to narrow the search. If you happen to know the file’s name or part of it, you can use the program’s search engine to find it. If you only remember what type of file it was, you can use the Pictures, Video, Documents, Audio, and Archives filters to reduce the number of candidates. And, finally, you can even narrow the search further by filtering the remaining files by size and/or date.

Disk Drill works seamlessly with all types of storage devices and hard disks, whether their file system is NTFS, FAT32, EXT, or HFS+, to name but the most popular ones. This free tool is limited to recovering 2 GB of data, but can be upgraded to a PRO version that supports even more file systems, more file formats, searches for lost partitions, and has no limitations in the amount of data you can recover.

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  • Clear and intuitive interface
  • Recovers up to 2 GB of data
  • Fast and deep scan processes
  • Supports all types of drives and storage devices
  • Wide variety of filtering options
  • Searches for files by name


  • No drawbacks found
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